Lavazza Super Crema Review

Lavazza Super Crema Review 2023 | Perfect For Espresso

Lavazza Super Crema Review

Are you looking for whole bean coffee for your espresso? Lavazza super crema may be the best choice for you. However, Lavazza is a reliable brand of coffee that always delivers quality coffee. For your kind information and easy selection, we have reviewed this product. check out the Lavazza Super Crema Review before you make your purchase decision.

In fact, it is ideal for those who want a traditional espresso coffee with a rich taste without bitterness. It has a sweet aroma and a pungent flavor. So it is easily accessible dense and compact cream. Its natural sweetness is easy to taste without sugar.

Today you are going to read our complete Lavazza Super Crema Review. In fact, Whole beans espresso roast is the best-selling blend of Lavazza in the United States. However, they combine it with 60 percent Arabica and 40 percent Robusta. 

 About The Lavazza

Lavazza has been producing some most sought after coffees in the world since 1895. It all started with our founder Luigi Lavazza, who invented the concept of blending coffee or the art of combining beans from different regions.

Since then, the four generations of the Lavazza family have maintained the quality commitment of our founder and dedicated their lives to pursuing excellence in coffee. We invite you to try one of the distinctive varieties of Lavazza coffee, and you will understand why Lavazza is Italy’s favorite coffee.

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Pros and Cons: Lavazza Super Crema Review


  • Whole Bean Coffee
  • Mild and creamy medium espresso roast
  • Hazelnuts and brown sugar notes
  • 2.2-pound bag pack
  • Blended and roasted in Italy
  • Unique blend for your espresso.
  • Mostly used with the best espresso machine


  • Not known any remarkable downside

Key Features: Lavazza Super Crema Review

  • 2.2-pound bag of Italian Lavazza Super Crema whole bean coffee
  • Soft and creamy espresso roast with hazelnuts and brown sugar notes
  • Mixed and roasted in Italy
  • Used with the best espresso machine
  • Produced in the center without nuts, contains only coffee

Product Information

  • Beverage Type: Coffee
  • Coffee Type: Whole Bean
  • Flavor name: Super Crema
  • Packing Type: Bag
  • Size: 2.2 Pound (Pack of 1)
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 3.2 x 15 inches ;
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Type of Roast: Medium
  • Flavor: Espresso
  • Flavor Notes: Honey, almonds, and dried fruit
  • ASIN: B000SDKDM4
  • Model number: 8000070142022
Product Information

What We Expect From Lavazza Super Crema

Commitment to Quality

They do not control the quality of Lavazza; they build it. This is a daily process involving everyone and is an integral part of every stage of production. This is the only way we know.

Unique & Aromatic

It is saturated with a constant velvety foam and lasting aroma. Ideal aroma blends for soft and creamy espresso.


With a flavor level of 4 out of 5, the tips of honey, almond, and dried fruit make this blend unique for espresso.


A blend of Arabica varieties from Brazil, Colombia, and India and Robusta from Indonesia and Vietnam creates a medium-sized espresso roast soft and creamy.


Enjoy this aromatic mixture when preparing with an espresso machine.

Lavazza Coffee Study Program

Compare The Blend of Lavazza Whole Bean Coffee

Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend
Lavazza Gran Espresso Whole Bean Coffee Blend
Lavazza Gold Selection Whole Bean Coffee Blend
Lavazza Top Class Whole Bean Coffee Blend






Flavor Notes

Notes of honey, almonds, and dried fruit

Dark chocolate and spices

Sweet, milk chocolate

Bitter chocolate and dried fruit

Bean Type

Whole beans

Whole beans

Whole beans

Whole beans

Frequently Asked Question

What is Super Crema?

Super Crema has long been a favorite with its light and medium body, delicious hazelnut flavors, and sweet touch notes with a smoke touch. Lavazza Super Crema can offer your taste buds in a square in Florence, Italy, where you can drink espresso in a stylish sidewalk cafe.

Which is better Illy or Lavazza?

Illy Espresso is way better than Lavazza in Italy. In addition to Illy’s premium pricing, there’s also the fact that Illy only makes the same Arabica, single-origin, and single-origin coffee. while Lavazza produces only Robusta and Arabica coffee.

Is Lavazza coffee good?

Lavazza is the best option for those who have a medium budget and have slightly more acidity and a strong taste to enjoy their coffee.

Can I use regular coffee beans for espresso?

Yes, you can use ordinary coffee beans in an espresso machine, but the drink you make can be sour, unusual, and bitter. We recommend using a dark roast to prepare a delicious espresso with a rich cream.

What is the difference between Lavazza Super Crema to Gran Espresso?

Both are medium-sized roasts. However, gran espresso is made up of 40% Arabica beans from South America and 60% of Robusta beans from Southeast Asia. while Super Crema is made up of 60% Robusta beans from Southeast Asia and 40% of Arabica beans from South America. In fact, Gran espresso will have deeper and richer tones, chocolate maker, and more hazelnut.


Finally, we have reached the end of the Lavazza super crema review. However, the Lavazza Super Crema espresso coffee is a delicate and aromatic blend that does not have the usual bitterness of espresso coffee beans.

It offers an aromatic coffee with a cinnamon and honey flavor. This espresso is the perfect combination of aroma and strength. It may be the best choice for espresso lovers.

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