Krups GX5000 Review Top Line Coffee Bean Grinder

High precision grinding for every type of coffee (Yeah, That’s Right)!

A good day starts with an excellent cup of coffee and a first-class coffee starts with a perfect grind. With the KRUPS gx5000 coffee grinder, you can enjoy your favorite drink in no time. The seductive aroma and the satisfying taste that only freshly ground coffee can produce. Well, therefore, the complete Krups GX5000 Review which will lead the way you everything you need to know before buying this product.

Krups GX5000 Review

This highly reliable electric burr coffee grinder has a flat metal mill to ensure consistency for the best possible brew. Set the degree of fineness for each type of coffee in 9 grind settings with 5 intermediate each.

With the cup selector, you can choose between 2 and 12 cups, while the automatic stop function offers complete control and security. Handy features complete the package; such as a removable 15-ounce water tank and top burr for easy cleaning as well as large 7-ounce capacity coffee beans Container.

Features and Benefits of Krups GX5000 Review

The Metal Flat Burr Grinder
The Metal Flat Burr

It designed particularly for coffee enthusiasts. The attached metal flat burr grinder provides uniform grinding for the best possible excellent cup of coffee.

The Perfect Grind

The 9 grind settings along with 5 intermediary steps deliver the accurate grinding particles for your preferred coffee. As a result, we get a dense excellent outcome for all kinds of coffee.

Select the Quantity

With a cup selector between 2 and 12 cups, you can set the quantity of beans to be ground. At the end of the grinding cycle, an automatic stop function guarantees complete control, safety, and customization.

Convenience and Ease of Use

The 15-ounce removable bean hopper supplies the uniform grounds to prepare up to 12-cup of coffee. All are easy to convey for the emptying and cleaning process.

Easy Cleaning
Easy cleaning

This high-performance grinder contains a removable top burr and a special brush to allow a very convenient cleaning process that could not be simpler.

Large-Capacity Container
8-Ounce Bean Container

The 7-ounce coffee bean hopper has plenty of space for your grinding requirements.  In addition, you can monitor a track record of the amount of coffee beans with a clear view of the transparent basket.

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Specifications of Krups GX5000 Review

  • Manufacturer: Groupe SEB
  • Model number: 8000035978
  • Dimensions: 4.3 x 7.2 x 10.4 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.2 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 5 pounds
  • ASIN: B0161Q2RUM
  • Material Type: Plastic


  • Attractive design
  • Large 7-ounce capacity coffee beans Container
  • Highly reliable electric burr coffee grinder
  • Removable water tank and top burr for easy cleaning
  • 9 grind settings with 5 intermediate each
  • 2 to 12 cup selectors
  • Automatic stop function
  • Complete control and security


  • Coffee dust accumulates too quickly inside of the machine
  • This results in inconsistent ground coffee, except finely ground.
  • The motor turns too fast to grind the beans properly

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Frequently Asked Question

Q: Why should we clean my coffee grinder?

A: Cleaning the grinder is essential for obtaining the best taste results. Most coffee beans contain oils that can increase their taste over time and therefore change the taste of your coffee. Remove the rest of the ground coffee from the container after every single use.

Q: How do we clean my coffee grinder?

A: Always disconnect the grinder from the mains before cleaning it. So be sure that the grinder, power cord, and plug remain dry. Don’t use aggressive detergents or abrasive sponges to clean the device.

Q: Why won’t my coffee grinder start?

A: Make sure the device is connected with electricity and the cover is inserted correctly. If the problem continues, go to the nearest authorized repair shop.

Q: Where can I keep my coffee beans better?

A: We suggest you store the coffee beans in a cool and dry place. So you must preserve it in an air protected container. Oxygen and humidity are the main enemies of coffee, which quickly loses quality after grinding. On the one side, the humidity changes flavor and aroma and the coffee becomes tasteless. On the other hand, oxygen oxidizes the ground coffee and improves the bitter taste of the drink. You, therefore grind the beans just before brewing.

Q: Which type of ground coffee is the best?

A: This depends on the type of coffee machine you use. For this reason, ground coffee is much finer for espresso than for filter coffee machines.

Q: What are the advantages of coffee grinding?

A: Grinding ground coffee just before use preserves its aroma and taste

Q: How long can I store my ground coffee with the coffee grinder?

A: Whole coffee beans last several months. After grinding, the coffee quickly loses its flavor. The ground coffee is stable at room temperature for 7-10 days. We advise taking the following precautions to preserve the taste of your ground coffee. Store the ground coffee in an opaque airtight container and store it in the refrigerator, where it can be stored for a month.

Q: Can I grind something other than coffee with a coffee grinder?

A: If your coffee grinder is equipped with a factory-mounted blade, you can grind spices, nuts, and whole grains. If your mill is equipped with a grinder, you can only grind coffee beans.

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I think this is the complete guides for Krups GX5000 Review that will definitely help you to make a decision. The Krups GX5000 metal flat burr grinder is perfect for espresso lovers. It is easy to convey and clean.

The large bean container and grind amount setting is, of course, a handy feature. An automatic stop function guarantees complete control, safety, and customization. So from this point of view, this is great coffee grinder. But when you come to the French press, this gives a little bit wrong message. It often produces poor quality grind like dust due to the fast spinning motor.

As a result, the coffee dust accumulates inside the machine and sometimes mixed with a French press. If you look for your morning French Press, then you can skip this machine. Otherwise, this is great and professional all the time!

If this machine doesn’t fulfill your needs, you may choose another coffee grinder. I expect this will surely fulfill your demands and you will love it.

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