Cuisinart SS-10 Review

Cuisinart SS-10 Review | Best Overall

Cuisinart SS-10 Review

Looking for buying a Cuisinart SS-10 best single serve coffee brewer? Check Cuisinart SS-10 review out before you make your qualified purchase decision. This is the best coffee maker for single and multiple users.

This is the complete guide that tells you anything and everything related to the Cuisinart SS-10 coffee machine. Don’t forget to check out the complete Cuisinart SS-10 review before your decision.

Short Description

Cuisinart SS-10 premium brewer gives you a lot of freedom to select serving sizes from 2 to 12 ounces coffee. You can also choose the perfect temperature for enjoying a cup of coffee, tea, soup, or cocoa.

This brewer is compatible with the K-Cup and also includes a reusable Home Barista filter for your favorite beverage.

A drip tray extends to include travel mugs, and a 72-ounce water tank eliminates the need for frequent refilling water. See operating instructions before use.

The Cuisinart Premium Single Service Brewer is a fully programmable and versatile 12-ounce capacity home brewing coffee maker. It is perfect for both personal use and entertainment and makes it ideal for any home.

In fact, it is absolutely compatible with any brand of the single-cup pods, including the Keurig K-Cup pods and is suitable for a reusable Home Barista filter cup. This coffee machine allows consumers to enjoy a wide variety of hot drinks.

The appliance has five different cup size settings ranging from 4 ounces to 12 ounces, as well as an adjustable brewing temperature to reach your desired temperature.

In addition to coffee, soup, tea, hot cocoa, etc. You can use the hot water button to make it, and the device has a rinse function for easy cleaning.

Key Features: Cuisinart SS-10 Review

  • K-Cup compatible brewer prepares one cup at a time
  • 5 sizes of beverage: 4-12 ounces.
  • 72 oz. removable water tank
  • Hot water button allows you to enjoy instant coffee soup, tea, and hot cocoa
  • The rinse function cleans the brewing chamber immediately.
  • Fully programmable with all functions including automatic on / off and adjustable temperature control
  • Blue backlight LCD display settings
  • Removable tray for travel mugs
  • Includes a reusable Home Barista filter pod for ground coffee or tea
  • Charcoal water filter
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Does not contain BPA

Features & Benefits: Cuisinart SS-10 Review

Water Tank

It has a large 72-ounce fully removable water tank. You can easily adjust the brew settings according to your needs from 4 to 12 ounces. This coffee maker is fully programmable and you can remove the drip tray for a larger cup or mug.

Reusable Filter Cup

This premium single-serve coffee maker uses a reusable filter. So you can get the opportunity to make and enjoy a single cup coffee using your preferred coffee grounds.

Favorite Hot Drinks

Cuisinart SS-10 Premium is a super-fast single-serve coffeemaker. You can enjoy your favorite hot drink instantly when you want. It makes it less than a minute and takes no time to heat up.

Control Panel

The Cuisinart has developed its SS-10 single-serve coffee maker with great looking large LCD display panel for ease of use. This display panel includes the blue backlit LCD with programmable clock, auto on/off time set brew temperature and brew size.

You can control the features of an LCD panel with some buttons just below the LCD screen. You will see the Menu and up and down button just below the LCD panel. Likewise, you also see 3 other buttons such as BREW, HOT WATER, and RINSE below the Menu button.

Hot Water And Rinse Features

The Hot Water button provides one-touch convenience for tea, cocoa and more. On the other side, the rinse function is ideal for instantly cleaning the inside of the brewing chamber between brewing intervals.

Charcoal Water Filter

The charcoal water filter plays an important role in making the perfect cup of coffee. The water that I use to make coffee contains chlorine and harmful substance reducing the taste of the coffee.

The included charcoal water filter eliminates chlorine, bad taste, bacteria, and other harmful materials and makes your coffee tasteful.

Comparison with similar items

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How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee Successfully?


Each hot drink is mainly made up of water. It is often forgotten that the quality of water is as important as the quality of coffee, tea or cocoa. As a general rule, if tap water doesn’t taste good, it doesn’t taste better than your drink.

For this reason, the Cuisinart Premium disposable coffee machine has added a carbon water filter for the cleaner cup, which removes chlorine, unpleasant flavors, and smells every time.


Although most of the liquid is water, every taste should be coffee, tea, or cocoa. To get the same high quality that you get in a bar, you need to use the same ingredients. If you use the best disposable coffee capsules, you can be sure of getting the best product in every jar you make.

When using coffee in the supplied refillable Home Barista filter tray, make sure that all the ingredients are of the highest standard.

Coffee Grind

Grinding coffee and cocoa or treating tea leaves is essential for a correct extraction of the aroma. You can relax with the pre-ground ground ingredients in each capsule, knowing that it will be produced perfectly every time while maintaining maximum taste and freshness.

Right Amount of Coffee

Regardless of the cup size selected, the premium disposable Cuisinart coffee machine with capsules always offers a perfect cup. If you grind your coffee and use it in the reusable Home Barista reusable cup provided, be sure to add the amount of ground coffee that corresponds to the number of ounces produced, but not to 2.5 tbsp.

How to Clean & maintain the Coffee Maker

Clean External Parts

We recommend cleaning the coffee machine regularly for a healthy life of a machine.

  • Don’t sink the coffee machine in water or other liquids. Clean the cabinet and other external devices with a soapy, damp, and non-abrasive cloth.
  • To replace the drip tray, just lift it and hold it straight to avoid spilling. The drip tray and the drip tray plate are dishwasher safe.

Clean Reusable Filter Cup

  • Open the storage compartment on the right side of the coffee machine by pressing the notch of your finger. Clean the Barista House.
  • Disassemble the Home Barista by placing the tab on the front of the capsule and pushing it upwards. Replace the filter basket from the holder.
  • Wash the basket and the filter holder with warm soapy water, rinse and dry well. All parts are dishwasher safe.

Clean the Capsule Holder

There are sharp needles that pierce the capsule from above and below. To avoid injury, do not put your fingers in the capsule brewing chamber.

  • The capsule holder is dishwasher safe. To replace, lift the handle to open the brewing chamber. Hold the top of the capsule holder and pull it up.
  • To remove the funnel from the capsule holder, hold the funnel in your left hand, gently pivot the bottom away from you, and remove it from the capsule holder. The funnel is dishwasher safe.
  • You can see the exit needle inside the bottom of the capsule holder. If clogging occurs due to coffee grounds, you can clean it with a paper clip or similar tool. Replace the capsule holder from the device, then remove the funnel from the capsule holder and insert a paper clip into the outlet needle to ease clogging and push it out.
  • Replace the funnel on the capsule by aligning the tabs in the funnel with the recesses in the capsule holder, turning it towards you until it snaps into place. After cleaning, replace the capsule holder by aligning the arrow on the edge of the capsule holder with the arrow in the cooking chamber.
  • The piercing needle is inside the brewing chamber. If clogging occurs due to coffee grounds, you can clean it with a paper clip or similar tool. Attach a paper clip and push it out to loosen clogs.

Properly Clean the Water Reservoir & Lid

Neither the cover nor the container of the tank can be placed in the dishwasher. Clean with a damp, soapy, non-abrasive cloth and wash thoroughly. Do not dry the inside of the water tank with a cloth because lint may remain.

After cleaning, rinse the water tank thoroughly so that no cleaning agent or cleaning solution remains in this area, as these may contaminate the water supply of the coffee machine.

How to Clean Your Cuisinart SS-10 Single-Serve Coffeemaker!

Descale: Cuisinart SS-10 Review

The mineral content in the water varies from place to place. Depending on the mineral content of the water in your region, limescale or lime can build up in the coffee machine. Although the crest is non-toxic, it can affect the performance of the coffee machine.

Descaling the coffee machine protects the heating element and other parts of the coffee machine that come into contact with water. For the best performance, descale Cuisinart ss-10 every 3-6 months. Calcium deposits can accumulate faster, which requires more frequent descaling.

This coffee machine is equipped with sensors to determine when scale build-up will affect coffee machine performance. When this is detected, the descale is displayed on the control panel and at this point, you need to remove it immediately.

However, even if descale does not appear, it is recommended that you regularly reduce the weight of your coffee machine.

Although the coffee machine continues to operate even when descale is displayed, the lack of descaling may damage the coffee machine at this point.

Step By Step Descaling Guidelines: Cuisinart SS-10 Review

Follow the steps below to remove limescale and descale your device

  1. Empty the water tank
  2. Deactivate the Auto On and off time functions.
  3. You should confirm that there are no capsules in the brewing chamber. Then fill the tank with 20 ounces of white vinegar and 40 ounces of the water.
  4. Put a large cup on the drip tray. Press and hold the HOT WATER and RINSE buttons to start descaling. Discard the contents of the cup.
  5. Continue step 4 until “Add water” appears on the control panel.
  6. Rinse the water tank thoroughly and fill it with clean water.
  7. Start another hot water cycle and discard the tall mug.
  8. Continue the hot water process until “Add Water” appears on the control panel.
  9. If you find vinegar flavor in your machine, you may need to complete additional hot water cycles.

If descale appears on the control panel after completing the procedure, repeat the descaling procedure described above.

Frequently Asked Question

What’s better Keurig or Cuisinart?

Both of the coffee machines can prepare a bold cup in less than a minute, so as not to compromise on quality or consistency.

Cuisinart is a reliable brand that many people trust for kitchen equipment. As a single-serve coffee machine is additional advantageous they add to the feature list.

The simple and classic model of the Keurig k55 and Cuisinart SS-5 is similar in that both call only K-cups. It is not compatible with other Keurig capsules such as K-Carafe or K-Mug.

From the other point of view, Cuisinart SS-10 can prepare any type of Keurig capsule. This Cuisinart feeding model is more compatible with Keurig capsules than Keurig models.

Cuisinart is far better than Keurig if you are looking for the cheapest option to make your K cup. Overall, Cuisinart can do the same with most Keurigs at a lower price in terms of price and functionality.

How To Descale Cuisinart Coffee Maker (SS-10)

Decalcification is a very important task of a coffee maker. It keeps all heating components and other parts of the coffee maker like new that stay in contact with water. To get the optimum result, you should descale your coffee maker every 3-6 months.

Follow the steps below to descale your Cuisinart SS-10:

  1. Empty the water tank.
  2. When you start decalcification, shut off the automatic start and stop system.
  3. You must ensure that there are no capsules in the brewing chamber. Then add twenty-ounce of white vinegar and 40 ounces water in the water tank.
  4. Set a large cup on the drip tray. Then press and hold the HOT WATER and RINSE buttons to begin descaling.
  5. Continue the above procedure until you see the add water signal in the control panel screen.
  6. Wash your water tank completely and add clean water in it.
  7. Start another hot water cycle and discard the long cup.
  8. After that, if you find vinegar flavor in your device, you may need to complete additional hot water cycles.

Can you use K Cups in Cuisinart?

Yes, you can. Cuisinart is compatible with the My K-Cup system, which will make licensed K-cups and alternative capsules and allow you to use your own ground coffee.

Are K cups bad for you?

The K cups have proven to be BPA free and are made of safe plastic. However, some studies show that even such materials can be harmful if heated. If you come into contact with these plastic chemicals, they can act like estrogen in your body and disturb your hormones.

What is the best brand of K cups?

  1. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
  2. Starbucks
  3. Tully’s Coffee
  4. Caribou Coffee
  5. Keurig
  6. Custom Variety Pack
  7. Dunkin’ Donuts
  8. Twinings
  9. Caza Trail
  11. Donut House Collection
  13. The Original Donut Shop
  14. InfuSio
  15. Peet’s Coffee
  16. Gevalia
  17. McCafe

How many times can you use K cups?

The K-Cups are for single use only. You can use the K-Cup once and then throw it away. If you consider this waste and many Keurig brewery owners do, you can buy a Keurig My K-Cup reusable coffee filter. This is a reusable filter that you can add ground coffee whenever you want a coffee.


We have just reached the end of Cuisinart’s SS-10 review. This is the best Cuisinart coffee machine. The Cuisinart SS-10 has covered almost everything you need to know. This is the machine that offers the option of a K cup and a reusable filter for ground coffee.

Prepare your coffee for yourself or your guests and family. This is fantastic because it has a rinsing and descaling system. If you need to descale your coffee machine, you will be asked to do so. I have already pointed out how to descale the Cuisinart SS-10 coffee machine.

I think it may be the best option for single cup users and the whole family. If you want to buy the machine suitable for both individual and family users, this is fantastic.

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