Cuisinart DGB-800 Review

Cuisinart DGB-800 Review 2021 (Our Ultimate Choice)

Cuisinart DGB-800 Review
Cuisinart DGB-800 Review

I think you are looking for the best Cuisinart coffee maker. And of course, Cuisinart is the coffee maker’s brand. That’s why we love the Cuisinart coffee maker but not all products. Cuisinart recently launches the DGB-800 coffee maker that works very well and everyone loves it. Thereafter, you don’t buy it until you check out the detailed Cuisinart DGB-800 review.

Cuisinart is a renowned brand for coffee makers. So you can trust Cuisinart to make your delicious, freshly brewed coffee even more enjoyable. The 12-cup Grind & Brew coffee maker has an innovative direct-flow grinding system.  It effortlessly transfers ground coffee from the burr grinder directly to the coffee basket.

The automatic rinse function makes cleaning easier because all the coffee grounds go into the coffee basket!  You must grind the right amount of coffee beans for the desired cups of coffee. Intuitive controls panel offer three flavor strengths and provide a clear overview of widescreen selections.

Features: Cuisinart DGB-800 Review

  • 12-Cup glass carafe with comfort-grip handle
  • The burr grinder for uniform consistency grinding
  • Direct Flow grind assembly smoothly distributes grounds coffee directly into the brew basket
  • Automatic  cleaning feature ensures coffee grounds move in the brew basket
  • Half-pound container of beans with a sealed lid keeps beans fresh
  • Three Flavor strength setting; Regular, Bold and Extra-Bold
  • 4 to 12 cups grind control settings
  • You can use pre-ground coffee with the grind off function
  • 24-hour brew start and auto adjustable shutoff function
  • Gold-tone permanent filter
  • Charcoal water filter eliminates impurities

Specification: Cuisinart DGB-800 Review

  • Manufacturer: Cuisinart
  • Coffee Maker Type: Burr Grind & Brew
  • Model Number: DGB-80
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Product Dimensions: 10.88 x 14.38 x 20 inches
  • Weight: 15 Pounds
  • Color: Silver
  • Capacity: 96 Fluid Ounces
  • ASIN: B079NM2ZYN
  • Carafe Type: Glass carafe
Specification of Cuisinart DGB-800 Review
Specification of Cuisinart DGB-800 Review

Features and Benefits: Cuisinart DGB-800 Review

Bean Hooper: It holds up to half pound coffee bean that is enough for 12 cups of coffee.

Hopper Lid: It covers the whole bean coffee and protect from moisture and air to keep coffee bean fresh.

Water Reservoir: It positioned at the back side of the machine. It holds enough water for 12-cup of coffee. The water reservoir/tank is fully removable for cleaning and filling with fresh and clean water.

Water Level Window: This is also a great feature for refilling water which is only the equivalent of 12 cups of coffee. You can view the water level and add how much water you need.

Brew Pause: It stops the flow of coffee to pour a quick cup while brewing for up to 20 seconds.

Glass Carafe:

Heating Plate: It is scratch resistant with non-stick coating.

Charcoal Water Filter Holder: This filter holder holds the charcoal water filter safely in place.

Filter Basket: It holds Cuisinart gold tone permanent filter and paper filter.

Permanent Gold-Tone Filter: The permanent gold tone filter eliminates need for paper filters.

Burr Grinder:

How to Brew Coffee with Cuisinart DGB-800 Coffeemaker

Before Brewing Your First Pot of Coffee

Dust can get trapped in the coffee pot during the manufacturing process. It is advisable to rinse the system before preparing the first coffee pot. Just follow Making coffee with pre-ground beans. Use only water and a paper filter, not coffee.

Making Coffee with Whole Beans

You must follow the instruction before making a first cup of coffee.

Place the charcoal water filter.

Add Water:

To fill the water tank, open the lid of the container and pour the water into it. Use the water level window indicator to measure the number of cups you want.

Add Water

Add Coffee Beans

To add coffee beans, remove the hopper lid and add coffee beans. We recommend that you keep the chamber full so that there are always enough beans for the number of cups you want to brew. But you kept in mind that the maximum capacity is half pound. So overfilling the hopper may cause the grinder to jam. Then close the hopper cover.

Add Coffee Bean

Place Coffee Filter

Open the filter basket door and place the coffee filter.

Make sure the paper filter is open and touch wall of basket.

Place Permanent Filter

Place the handle of the gold-tone permanent filter in front of the coffee machine so that the water flow is not obstructed. Close the filter basket lid and push the filter basket door to close it until you hear it click sound

Do not use both a paper filter and the supplied permanent filter at the same time. This causes the device to overflow.

The built-in safety interlock system will not allow the appliance to function if the filter or filter basket lid is missing or if the door is not closed properly. A continuous beep sounds until everything is ready.

5. Preference Settings

  • Press the ON/OFF button to turn on the coffee maker. The white LED lights up.
  • Turn the grind adjustment knob until the LCD shows the number of cups you want to prepare. The burr grinder will grind the right amount of beans and automatically adjust the coffee and water ratio for a cup with a low coffee content.
  • Finally press the strength control button to select a Regular, Bold or extra bold taste.

Note: If the coffee machine is not touched for 60 seconds during the selection process, the ON / OFF indicator will go out and the machine will enter standby mode. To continue, press the ON / OFF button to return the coffee maker to the previously selected settings.

6. Brewing

  • Press the brew button to brew coffee instantly. The white Brew LED will turns on and the brewing process will begin.
  • To activate automatic switch-on, select the start time for brewing coffee, see instructions for setting the Schedule time.

7. After Brewing

Once the brew cycle is complete, you will hear five beeps. The coffee machine enters the keep warm mode and the ON / OFF indicator stays on until the appliance switches off automatically after the default 2 hours or the programmed automatic switch-off time. Press the ON / OFF button to exit the keep warm cycle.

Making Coffee with Pre-Ground Beans

Follow the instructions before making your first cup of coffee.

1. Place Charcoal Water Filter

Insert charcoal water filter properly into the filter basket.

2. Fill Water Tank

To fill the water tank, open the lid and pour the water into the tank. You will need to use the water level window indicator to measure the number of cups you want.

3. Place the Coffee Filter

To place the coffee filter, open the filter basket door and then open the filter basket cover.

4. Add Pre-Ground Coffee

Use 1 cup of ground coffee per cup, or more or less depending on individual tastes. Close the filter basket lid and close the filter door. Make sure it closes. It is noted that the maximum capacity for ground coffee is 16 scoops. If you exceed this amount or use a too fine grinder, the filter basket may overflow.

5. Press Grind OFF Button

When this function is activated, the white LED lights up. When preparing coffee with pre-ground beans, the grind and intensity control functions are deactivated and the time of day is shown on the LCD display.

6. Brewing

Press the brew button, if you want to brew your tasty coffee. When you press the brew button, the white Brew LED will turn on and brewing will begin.


We have just reached the end of the Cuisinart DGB-800 Review. In fact, this is the best Cuisinart coffee maker. Compared to the other Cuisinart products, the DGB-800 model is the latest and for the Nest generation coffee maker.

So, if you prefer a Cuisinart coffee maker, always go for the Cuisinart DGB-800 model. Because it is very easy to clean and easy to use.

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