Bunn Speed Brew Review

Bunn Speed Brew Review For 2021

BUNN Speed Brew Review
Bunn speed brew 10 Cup coffee maker

Today you are going to read our complete Bunn Speed Brew Review. The Bunn Speed Brew 10-cup coffee maker uses an internal standard stainless steel hot water tank. Hence it keeps 70-ounce of water hot. So you can quickly brew at the touch of a button.

Therefore, this a complete Bunn speed brew review which will guide everything you need to know before buying this coffee maker.

This Brewer combines Quick Brew technology with a modern, curved design. Just pour water, let the spray head unfold its magical effect, and then enjoy a delicious coffee as you would expect from the favorite restaurant or bar. So you are happy, we are happy.

Millions of people wake up to a fresh cup of coffee every day and may also continue to drink it throughout the day.  The coffee industry is, therefore, an extremely prosperous market to be a part of it. 

Every restaurant, cafe, office, and commercial establishment in the land will at some time need to make provision for this popular hot beverage.

Home coffee making has become somewhat of an art lead by innovative designs in coffeemakers. The Bunn-O-Matic Corporation has been one of the leading manufacturers in domestic coffeemakers since 1957. They remain at the top of their game today reaching far and wide to more than 90 countries globally.

Drawing on their years of experience in the science of precision coffee brewing, Bunn has adapted their coffee makers to achieve precision coffee brewing results. 

Using finely ground coffee, Bunn speed brew coffee maker can maximize flavor and aroma by producing the perfect coffee in 3 minutes.

Bunn technology controls every stage of the coffee-making process from pre-infusion to brewing and finally coffee extraction.  This technological wizardry produces a far superior cup of coffee than ever achieved before.

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How Does Bunn Speed Achieve This?

The first 10% of brewing time produces the most flavor and aroma – Bunn speed brew coffee maker ensures the ground coffee is sufficiently moist during this period.

The best temperature for brewing coffee is between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Bunn coffee makers regulate the temperature in the water reservoir to maintain the correct temperature.

Standing coffee can lose flavor and aroma. Bunn speed brew maintains the correct temperatures for coffee at all times and reduces the loss of aromas through evaporation.

Coffee can easily get spoiled if in contact with contaminants. Bunn coffee makers are extremely durable and manufactured from high-quality Stainless Steel making maintenance and cleaning very easy.

Extended brewing time can result in a bitter-tasting coffee. Bunn technology takes the quantity of coffee versus water and coarseness of grind into account.

Bunn Speed Brew
Bunn Speed Brew

Key Features: Bunn Speed Brew Reviews

  • The best of the gravity drip innovation reinterpreted in a modern, curved design.
  • The preparation time is about 4 minutes to quickly bring you to your favorite place.
  • The calcium compatible spray head prevents mineral deposits, which means less time spent on cleaning.
  • The internal water tank constantly heats the water to the optimal temperature, so you can prepare a full pot in about 4 minutes.
  • The Pour-O-Matic anti-drip glass carafe has specially designed to prevent water leaks on the side of the carafe and on the warming plate.
  • The spray head developed by BUNN extends the contact time between water and coffee grounds and provides a coffee flavor comparable to the favorite restaurant or bar.

Specification: Bunn Speed Brew Reviews

  • Product Dimensions: 14.5 x 7.5 x 14.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 8.3 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 8.3 pounds
  • Manufacturer: BUNN
  • Model number: 45700
Bunn Speed Brew Coffee Maker
Bunn Speed Brew Review

Pros and Cons: Bunn Speed Brew Review


  • Fast brewing technology.
  • Coffee is never bitter.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Attractive modern and curved design.


  • Relatively large
  • Besides these No other remarkable difficulties.

Problems and Solutions: Bunn Speed Brew Reviews

Problem: Coffee doesn’t come out.


  • Run the installation procedure again.
  • Close Lid.
  • Fill the hot water tank when the water has evaporated.
  • Check Sprayhead holes.

Problem: The Machine only partially brewed


  • Fill the hot water tank when the water has evaporated.
  • When coffee grounds and filter absorb some water and then add water.

Problem: Coffee is not staying hot


  • Make sure Warmer Switch is ON

Problem: Coffee is cold


  • Plugin brewer.
  • Turn on Tank Switch.
  • Allow 15 minutes for the water to heat.

Problem: Funnel is overflowing


  • Use BUNN paper filters.
  • Check to make sure Sprayhead is in place.
  • If you brew decaf, fines grind or use soft water.

Problem: Brewer makes a rumbling noise


  • This is normal while water is heating.
  • Clean the Sprayhead Tube.

Problem: Water flows before the lid is closed


  • Make sure Lid is completely open to activate rubber stopper in Pour-In-Bowl.
  • Brewer not designed to hold water in Pour-In-Bowl overnight.
  • Remove the top cover to make sure the rubber cap is in place and the area is clean.

Problem: Deliming tool doesn’t go in All The Way


  • Follow Sprayhead Tube cleaning. You may need to use a little muscle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use it in 220v?

No, it is a standard 110-volt only

My current Bunn is on its last legs. Does anyone know if the older style coffee baskets will work with this pot?

New Bunn is almost identical to old. Filters are the same size

Is it BPA free? Where is it made?

It is NOT made in America. It is assembled in America, which is a vastly different thing. FTC rules require only that the bulk of the assembly work must be done in the USA for the product to be labeled Made in America. Nothing in that rule requires any of the parts to actually be made in America.

Does anyone know the difference between Bunn is speed brew maker and their velocity brew?

Speed brew is the fastest

What is the deliming tool?

It’s a 12 skinny tightly wrapped spring used to feline your Bunn coffee maker. It looks like a skiing old fashioned screen door spring.

does the on/off switch to light up when on?

Yes. The on/off switch for the coffeemaker and the on/off switch for the warmer plate both have red lights when on.

Can a Bunn thermal pot be purchased to use with this maker?

I don’t think so because they have a different model and different accessories and the heating temperature is not the same.


Oh! We have reached the bottom line of the Bunn speed brew review. This speed brew coffee maker is definitely favorite. Although it needs space on the work surface, it doesn’t matter because it looks smart. It takes approximately 4 minutes to prepare only the tastiest coffee.

Bunn is always a favorite brand for coffee machines (isn’t right!). It offers good value for money and the best quality coffee ever. I am sure that this review will be useful and certainly save you from finding the best coffee maker online.

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