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What About The One Cup Coffee Maker?

We have come to realize over time that the one cup coffee maker is something that has significant demand yet had no coverage on this site.  We're now putting that omission right.  There are both commercial and domestic applications of such single serve coffee makers.

As the name implies these are machines designed to produce one cup of top quality coffee at a time.  Not appropriate for a coffee shop where quantity is required but there are other commercial applications for these.  If you only have needs of one cup at a time most of the time in your business then one of these machines will be fine.  For example in a senior manager's office or a self employed person mostly working on their own.

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Producing one cup at a time doesn't necessarily mean you need to fill it with water all the time, this high end machine (right) from well established DeLonghi has a 7 1/2 cup water storage capacity so even though it brews per cup you know you won't be constantly running around to fill it up.

However, we'd guess that most people buying these will be buying for home use.  But where you use them really doesn't matter and will vary from person to person.  There are many situations where they're absolutely ideal.

There's far less waste with one of these machines for starters.  You won't get to the end of the day with a half full pot of coffee that either needs to be drunk or thrown away.  That's another benefit, you won't be tempted to "finish up" a pot thus taking on a lot more caffeine than you normally would.  We love coffee here, but all things in moderation, you don't want to be getting a massive hit of coffee at the end of every day before you drive home!

Another big benefit of these machines for many people is that because they only make a single cup at a time your brew is always fresh.  It hasn't been sitting around on a hot plate for hours on end.  We all prefer fresh coffee over stale.

With the increased interest in single cup coffee makers some manufacturers like Keurig have developed special systems just for this.  Theirs is called "K-Cups" where you buy containers of whatever coffee you like that they sell and it's just the right amount and so on to give you a great cup of coffee.  You can see one of these machines below left and below right shows you that you can buy a single cup machine very cheap indeed if you're on a limited budget, won't use it much or are in any way unsure and you're just "dipping your toe in" as it were.

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 There's a whole other type of single cup machine that use a capsule of coffee or other beverage most notably Tassimo coffe maker