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Guide To The Best Grind and Brew Coffee Makers

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If you are searching for the ultimate experience in home or commercial brewed coffee without actually having to grow the coffee beans yourself then a Grind and Brew Coffee Maker is the next best thing.  These fabulous appliances cleverly perform the task of turning fresh coffee beans into ground coffee with their built in coffee grinder.  This custom ground coffee is then passed through to the built in brewer achieving perfectly brewed fresh coffee from bean to cup in a few minutes.

There are a number of manufacturers of these type of coffee makers including Cuisinart, Bunn,  Krups, Capresso, Keurig, Saeco and Delonghi.  Cuisinart have penetrated the largest portion of the market and have a great reputation for no fuss, easy to use and maintain designs.  Their products pitch to the market of the high quality product within reasonable price range, and thus gains them their leading manufacturer status.  However, do not discount other manufacturers based on this knowledge alone.

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If you take time to research all the main manufacturers and compare pros with cons, you will come to a more informed decision with regards to your purchase.

For example, Krug models, although a little more expensive, have a stunning contemporary look which may be more in keeping with your kitchen.  A Krug coffee maker with grinder will be superior in power, speed, programmable functions and features but all of this comes with an appropriate price tag.

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The same might also be said of Capresso who direct their marketing campaign to a similar audience. Bunn are extremely well-known, more particularly for their penetration of the commercial coffee industry.  They certainly have the knowledge base to produce a superior quality machine, so it is worth checking out what models they are selling.

So what factors should we be taking into consideration before committing to purchase a Grind and Brew Coffee Maker?  Taking aesthetic appeal to be a personal preference, the only advice we can reasonably give you would be with regards to the construction, performance and maintenance of the machine. Here are a few hints and tips to bear in mind.

The Grinder

A good coffee grinder will grind the coffee beans into finely ground coffee.  Coarse ground coffee does not absorb the water easily and therefore the flavor of the coffee extracted may be compromised.  Look out for a grinder which has a conical burr.  Not only will this grind the coffee quicker but it will be more efficient at producing the perfect ground coffee.

The Brewer

A good brewer will perform a seamless and quick transfer of the ground coffee from the grinder.  Look for models with a water filter, a conical filter and a shower head.  Pure filtered water can produce a superior tasting coffee while a conical coffee filter ensures that maximum flavor is extracted from the ground coffee.  The shower head will ensure quick transfer of the coffee into the decanter without the loss of heat. 


As with all appliances, the technology exists to add further functions.  While a good timer and advance programming settings may be of use, other functions which will vary the grind of the coffee and the process of the brewing may not necessarily be essential if you have a limited knowledge of the properties of coffee.  However, some Cuisinart models have a very useful "pause" function which enables you to halt the machine in order to pour a cup of coffee before the cycle has been completed. Very useful!

Performance and Maintenance

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It goes without saying that performance is a very important factor to consider.  Not only will this affect the taste and flavors of the coffee, but also the practicality of the Grind and Brew Coffee maker.  Don't get blown away by the pleasures and conveniences being offered by being able to produce restaurant and cafe quality coffee.  Remember, we are living in a very busy world and a slow performing, time consuming machine is likely to end up at the back of a cupboard somewhere if used at home or could badly damage a coffee business.

Equally important is to take into consideration any maintenance commitments your machine might demand.  in order to avoid time consuming and costly maintenance issues, it is advisable to purchase a high quality model which is sturdy of construction with very little or no detachable parts. 

Many of us have been living in hope for years that the time will come when someone somewhere will invent a coffee maker with grinder which we can all use.  Well the time has finally arrived.  People all over the world are experiencing coffee sensations not previously possible.

There is such a wide range of Grind and Brew Coffee makers out there with brewing capacities from as little as 8 to up to 14 cups in one cycle.  There simply must be one to suit every conceivable combination of business, home, and office size.